Esperanza Gomez Retires from Porn #SeVaLaEsperanza

Esperanza Gomez, the famous Colombian porn actress, announces through this video to all her Twitter followers that she will retire from porn.

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From her Twitter account @EsperanzaGomez and the hashtag  #SeVaLaEsperanza , in a 24-second video, the famous Colombian actress announced that she will change professions.

Now, she ensures that we will “get to better enjoy her services”.

It is worth remembering that Esperanza is also a producer of adult content, pornographic videos and more.

“Hi babies, I have to tell you something that I know that everyone will not like but I decided to change my profession.

Calm down my loves, you will see that you can enjoy my services better. Follow me on this new adventure. ”

At the moment it is not clear if Esperanza Gómez renounces the porn industry forever, if it is a promotional campaign for a new project, or how Esperanza plans for her followers to take better advantage of her services.

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